Shifting In The Wrong Direction?

First off lets give a big round of applause for the new MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, and lets chunk a big ole deuce to Bud Selig. A little history on Manfred he joined the MLB full-time in 1988 and has been down ever since. He was also Bud’s right hand man when it came down to handing out PED(Performance Enhancement Drugs) punishments. As I have been reading it seems he has a lot he wants to add and subtract to and from the game (no pun intended). One thing i don’t understand is why would he want to take away defensive shifts. I understand the big thing these days is increasing offense in the game of baseball, making it more appealing to those watching at home and in the stands. Taking away shifts though, just takes strategy out of the game. Baseball as we know it is a game of strategy so why would anyone want to take that away. confusing huh?

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