Goodbye Today… Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow (1)

Meet the duo that has rappers big mad and really scared…

The other night my city was graced with the presence of the dynamic duo, Hello Tomorrow.  The rap group consistant of MC, D-Focis & beatsmith Tone Beatz. HT has an interesting dynamic you have a southern producer – creating very soulful sounds, that aren’t riddled with 808 drum patterns – and a Detroit native spitting smooth poisoned laced flows over every production.  After having casual hip-hop conversation with these brothas, I was blessed with the pleasure of seeing them tear down the stage. They performed a few joints from their 2016 ep “Goodbye Today” and blazed the stage with a few tracks from their latest offering “Hallelujah”. Their performance was nothing short of great, Focis paced the stage and demanded the crowd’s attention with every bar all while Tone kept your head bobbing from the flavorful masterpieces he’s conjured up.  I suggest you go see these brothas next time they are in your city. You can check out there music on Soundcloud and any other digital music outlet.



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