20 essential hip-hop songs to pass to your kids. Part 2

Hip-hop records in a record shop.

From Da Art Of Story Telling Part 1 to Shook Ones Part 2, here is PART 2 of some fire joints your kids should know.


Mobb Deep – Shook Ones P2

Next to Outkast and Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep is one of the best groups in hip-hop. “Shook Ones p2 has a really gritty, dark feel to it. It represents New York to the fullest. Havoc did a great job on the production. Rumor has it that Hav sampled parts of the beat from the clicking of a gas stove. Great one to introduce to your young hip-hop head.


Kanye West – Spaceships

Anything in Kanye’s early years is great to introduce to your youth. He often spoke on struggles of coming up as a young man in Chicago working a regular day job. I loved this song before I had a job and loved it well into my working days. It encompasses every feeling you’ve ever felt about your crummy mall job. Great one to introduce to your teen after they’ve had a long day at work.


Outkast – Da Art of Storytelling p1

Another song that you should probably wait until you feel is an age-appropriate time to introduce this to your seed. Other than that, this song is limitless, very jazzy, very smooth. Though I said wait until an age-appropriate time, it’s not too rough around the edges. There’s no clear message in the song, it’s just two Atlanta cats kicking stories.


Spice 1 – Welcome to The Ghetto

Spice 1 is in my opinion one of the most underrated west coast MCs. He has a great story telling ability. Everything he say, you see vividly.  “Welcome to The Ghetto” is my favorite song by him. He steps back from the criminal-minded raps and kicks a lot more knowledge on this track and who could hate a track with a Marvin Gaye sample. A great one for all ages.


DJ Quik – Summer Breeze

Keeping it on the west coast, “Summer Breeze” is an essential DJ Quik track. Very smooth, very groovy. A retrospective song you can sit back and tell your kids about the old days to. This track is great for any summer time cookout.


T.I. – Doin’ My Job

This Kanye produced song made me love Tip. T.I. does a great job at explaining the ins and outs of trapping in the hood and why he does it. Just great overall content. Not too gritty, not to rough. I heard this song in middle school and understood very well what was going on in the depths on Bankhead. This should be a easy one to break out and explain to your youth.


Notorious B.I.G. (Ft. Mase & Puff Daddy) – Mo Money Mo Problems

This song holds a special place in my heart seeing that it was my 7th birthday song. I remember vividly making my mom play this song on repeat. All in all, it’s a great sing-a-long song. Another good one to play during Saturday morning clean ups.


2 Pac – Heaven aint Hard 2 Find

This is a very underrated Pac song. It’s the last song on his diamond certified album “All Eyez On Me”.  It’s one of Pac’s more player songs in my opinion. It’s from the perspective of him spitting game to a woman he would like to court. Cool song for fathers and son’s to listen to together.


Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty

This was my first Mos Def song, and the song that introduced me to that fact that just because a girl plays good doesn’t mean it’s all good. Besides that the sample in this song is a banger. I was introduced to this song and Mos at a young age. This is another one you should gauge and present it when you feel it’s the age-appropriate time.


Goodie Mobb – Thought Process

I was never formally introduced to Goodie’s first album until I was around 22. This was one of the most thought-provoking and influential albums in my life. Thought Process is the track that starts the album–once again very thought provoking. With lines like “only God knows What I go through, so I get down on my knees, Sometimes I come home too high to pray, But I get on my bed, lay on my back and meditate” this song meant a lot to me in my adult years. Another great one to introduce in the mid-teen years.

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