Tee Grizzley’sTestimony

 Detroit native Tee Grizzley is ready for his moment

When you think Detroit you think Motown. You think Motown sound. It’s very rare Hip-hop artist aside from Eminem, Big Sean, and a few others make it out of Detroit to nationwide notoriety. Well, the D-Towns newest son, Tee Grizzley, is here to stake his claim. With his scorching hot single, “First Day Out,” hitting the Billboard charts at #67 and continuously climbing, it seems like this new-comer might be here to stay. In April, he dropped his first offering to the world My Moment–a cohesive project that sounds more like a novel than an album. Of course, we all know about his run-ins with the law and his troubled past with Michigan state, that he speaks about in “First Day Out”. Nevertheless, what his lyrics say is something deeper. He brags, yes. He boasts, yes. He’s from Detroit… what do you expect? But behind all the braggadocio I hear something deeper. I hear a brother who is trying to correct his mistakes; a brother who is trying to correct his situation. He’s focused on a greater outcome, linking up with executive powerhouse Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles at 300 Entertainment, it seems he is destined for greatness. Songs like “Day Ones” touch on his in-tune, as some would say, “woke” side. In a culture filled with non-stop flexing and money flashing, it seems like Tee has a different lease on life–he wants to give his testimony to the world.


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