G Perico’s World is all blue.

G Perico on balcony overlooking the city

Turn corners with South Centrals rising star and his latest project.

When you think of west coast rap you think of gang banging, high vocal tones over synthesized beats and long hair. G Perico is exactly all of that. The south central native like most rappers started taking rap serious after a few stints in jail. His first polished debut was his 2015 project Tha Innerprize 2. His latest release All Blue boast even more polished vocals and flows. Starting the projects off with lines like “bustin’ on niggas if they don’t fuck with a nigga” it’s clear that G Perico has something to prove. All Blue is filled with lots of aggressive one liners but it also has its smoother side, showcasing songs like “Westside-Digital” a Sonny Digital assisted after hours anthem that will go over well during any night time ride through the city. Another notable feature comes from Polyester the Saint on “Get My Staccs”. G Perico starts the song using just as much pimp jargon as Suga Free would stating “I know you tired of living average, looking like a sloppy joe sandwich” lines like that you just can’t forget. All Blue is a smooth ride through South Central L.A. that any west coast hip-hop consumer would enjoy. It will definitely get a lot of play out of me this summer. Check out All Blue after the jump.


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