Justin Upton by the numbers.

Justin Upton's grand slam sunk the Red Sox on Sunday night as the Tigers took the rubber match 8-3.

Is Justin Upton morphing back into All-Star form?

Detroit Tigers left fielder Justin Upton is putting up some savvy numbers at the plate. Could this be another all-star season for the youngest Upton brother? After playing alongside his brother in Atlanta and playing a season in San Diego with the Padres. It seems that Upton has gotten comfortable and is returning to all-star form in Detroit. Not only is he walking to the plate looking noticeably leaner. Upton is also showing some plate discipline. Entering June of 2016 Upton was clocking in 72 strikeouts, coming into June this season he’s only clocking in 62. I know you’re thinking wow 10 fewer strikeouts but a strikeout can really do something to a hitters mental. His weight and those strikeouts seem to be the only things going down on Upton. His numbers at the plate are noticeably higher than last years. Only two and a half months into the season and he already has a BA of 261, 2016 he batted a mediocre 246. Upton is also in the middle of a hitting streak with 13 homers and if he remains injury free he’s projected to have 40 before the season is up. He also finished Sunday night’s game against the Boston Red Sox 3-5 batting and in 5 runs. Over the last 17 games, he’s maintained a BA of 364, scored 5 of those 13 homers and has had 20 RBIs. If Justin Upton keeps it up we will definitely see him in Miami at the All-Star game.


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