Monday Night Brewery is packing the heat with this beer of the week. Serrano Eye Patch Ale IPA

Beer Of The Week

Tune in to Thoughts On Tap, the podcast that discusses lifestyle, relationships & current events all while downing some of your favorite craft beers. 

Grab a beer & open your ears!!

  Victory Brewing Company has its own little dab of ranch…

Beer of the week

As The Game would say “Just like cherry kool-aid” Take a dive with us into one of Southern Tier Brewing company’s most prized possessions

Beer Of The Week

  This past weekend I had the pleasure of tasting a few new  craft brews. I also had the pleasure of downing a few of my favorites. Here’s a a list of the beers that were on the docket this weekend. Riverwatch Brewery’s – (NPR  ABV 5.4%, IBU 22) Ballast […]

Weekend at Beernie’s…

With winter beer season ending soon, I figured I grab a new seasonal six pack from my friends over at Aficionados Of Augusta. I was honestly leaning towards something more reminiscent of home, so I was eyeing the “Lyric Ale” from Orpheus Brewing. My homie Christian quickly pointed me in […]

Snuck up on me dawg…

Soooo I moved, new apt yay me! Right? Nah well yea and nah. Broke my phone like broke, broke! (screen black and everything) smh. So no phone, new apartment; guess what? NO CABLE OR INTERNET!!! Yea I know sad right. Nah not that bad, spent some time, read a lil bit just […]

Long Story Short….

This past Friday I visited my friends at Orpheus Brewing, One of the youngest breweries in Atlanta (6 months old). Tucked toward the northern side of Piedmont Park, you will find the best tasting sours and saisons

Getting Sloshed Off Sours & Saisons…

Haven’t seen a funny beer ad on TV in forever. Newcastle one of the more hardy and better tasting mainstream beers, decided to team up with retired NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson for the “Mega Huge Football Ad We Almost Made’. Also be on the lookout for their “Band Of […]

We Almost Made it…