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A Night out at Lil Uzi’s Do What I Want Tour…

Tour Lif3

How surprised would you be if I told you Future has had 4 singles go platinum all in the month of April? It sounds like a Russel Westbrook triple-double MVP worthy streak, right? Well I guess it’s time for Fute to get his trophy. Not only did “Fuck Up Some […]

Ain’t No Fooling Around in April

“I rap for listeners, bluntheads, fly ladies, and prisoners Henessey-holders and old-school niggas” Nas’s debut album Illmatic turns 23 today. Now i could give you the whole run down on how dope this album is. I could talk about how it should be in every hip-hop heads classic album list. […]

Happy Birthday Illmatic!

  It’s Clear to see Kendrick Lamar ain’t playing no DAMN. games!!

DAMN. Indeed

As a rap music connoisseur  and “hip-hop head”  I usually find a multitude of things wrong with XXL’s annually dropped freshman list.  There has been plenty of years i barely heard any music from the artist that appeared on the cover. Other times I argued that many of the artist on […]

It ain’t what we like, but it may be what ...

Early last month XXL Magazine posed a question to twitter, asking who did we think was killin’ it when it came to production in 2016. The first producer to pop in my head was this young man by the name of DIGITAL NAS. He has produced some of Lil Yachty’s […]

12 Digital Nas tracks you NEED to hear!!

In lieu of Kobe Bryant’s retirement Kendrick Lamar got up with ESPN to say a few words about the mamba’s 20 season career. You know LA Lakers + K. Lamar get it right? The background track is provided by Lamar also it’s called “Levitate aka Untitled No.7”  off of his […]

Fade To Black

With so much “Sound Cloud Rap” surging through mobile speakers and headphones it’s kinda hard to tell what’s good and what’s fad. I’m just gonna go ahead and say it THIS RIGHT HERE *Kat Williams voice* is no fad my friend. Hailing from VA (Virginia) Levi Carter is one of […]


So Interscope dropped Kendrick’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” a week early subsequently ruining the je ne sais quoi of an anticipated album release. It doesn’t surprise me at all, seeing that TPAB has a lot of  sociopolitical content from the songs down to the album art. It’s all apart of the […]

Hip-Hop Analysis

Soooo I moved, new apt yay me! Right? Nah well yea and nah. Broke my phone like broke, broke! (screen black and everything) smh. So no phone, new apartment; guess what? NO CABLE OR INTERNET!!! Yea I know sad right. Nah not that bad, spent some time, read a lil bit just […]

Long Story Short….