Fan signed picture of Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar on why black fathers are important. The “Loyalty” rapper took some time before the Atlanta stop on his Damn. Tour to sit down with Rolling Stone Magazine to discuss a few things. Amongst his discussing wack rappers, ghost writers, and Black Israelites he also made a point to talk […]

Quote Of The Week

Prodigy and Havoc Of Mobb Deep
This week’s quote of the week comes from the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep. He was a heavy influence in the hip-hop industry and in my life also. Prodigy was one of the main reasons why I decided to start writing rhymes as a youth. Mobb’s video for Shook Ones […]

Quote of the week

“​Devil don’t even TRY… We Bebe’s Kids! We DON’T die… we… MULTIPLY!” Dr. Khalid Muhammad  Ice Cube – Death

Quote Of The Week..

“I ain’t got no time to do no beefin’, like I’m a vegan See when it’s pressure, I ain’t sleepin’, I ain’t doin’ no tweetin’ ” Kodak Black – Why They Call You Kodak 

Quote Of The Week

We are entering an age where we have to understand that we share our music (with other cultures & races) and we have to be careful how we talk about our artists (around them). T. Brown

Quote of the week…

Do whatever you do, but whatever you do don’t be no clown!! Kay

Quote Of The Day

“Fuck all that math shit they teach you two negatives NEVER make a positive…” Kay

Quote Of The Day

Soooo I moved, new apt yay me! Right? Nah well yea and nah. Broke my phone like broke, broke! (screen black and everything) smh. So no phone, new apartment; guess what? NO CABLE OR INTERNET!!! Yea I know sad right. Nah not that bad, spent some time, read a lil bit just […]

Long Story Short….

“I retract that last statement I don’t know about fashion I know about style…” Kay

Quote Of The day

“Stop trying to find a way to FIT-OUT and just FIT-IN” LBJ

Quote Of The Day

A girl bringing beer over is the equivalent to her bringing her (fine)friend to the bedroom

Quote Of The Day