A Night out at Lil Uzi’s Do What I Want Tour…

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We are entering an age where we have to understand that we share our music (with other cultures & races) and we have to be careful how we talk about our artists (around them). T. Brown

Quote of the week…

  Victory Brewing Company has its own little dab of ranch…

Beer of the week

As The Game would say “Just like cherry kool-aid” Take a dive with us into one of Southern Tier Brewing company’s most prized possessions

Beer Of The Week

How surprised would you be if I told you Future has had 4 singles go platinum all in the month of April? It sounds like a Russel Westbrook triple-double MVP worthy streak, right? Well I guess it’s time for Fute to get his trophy. Not only did “Fuck Up Some […]

Ain’t No Fooling Around in April

“I rap for listeners, bluntheads, fly ladies, and prisoners Henessey-holders and old-school niggas” Nas’s debut album Illmatic turns 23 today. Now i could give you the whole run down on how dope this album is. I could talk about how it should be in every hip-hop heads classic album list. […]

Happy Birthday Illmatic!

  It’s Clear to see Kendrick Lamar ain’t playing no DAMN. games!!

DAMN. Indeed

As a rap music connoisseur  and “hip-hop head”  I usually find a multitude of things wrong with XXL’s annually dropped freshman list.  There has been plenty of years i barely heard any music from the artist that appeared on the cover. Other times I argued that many of the artist on […]

It ain’t what we like, but it may be what ...

On Monday while speaking at an event, former Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson mentioned that Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James needed to hon in on his inner Michael Jordan in order to win the NBA finals. LBJ quickly responded with. “I think for me to go out and be who I […]


Image of that massive alley-oop LeBron threw down in the Clevland Cavaliers’ game 3 win of the NBA finals. *peep 2 chainz in the back though lol*

Alley oops…

  This past weekend I had the pleasure of tasting a few new  craft brews. I also had the pleasure of downing a few of my favorites. Here’s a a list of the beers that were on the docket this weekend. Riverwatch Brewery’s – (NPR  ABV 5.4%, IBU 22) Ballast […]

Weekend at Beernie’s…