Getting Sloshed Off Sours & Saisons…

This past Friday I visited my friends at Orpheus Brewing, One of the youngest breweries in Atlanta (6 months old). Tucked toward the northern side of Piedmont Park, you will find the best tasting sours and saisonsThey are one of the few breweries in Atlanta that supply sours and saisons. With their special sour mashing and fermenting techniques they have about only 10-15 (mashing, fermenting, carbonating) tanks which gives them a not so replicated personalized taste, that you would possibly get from a commercial beer. All of the sours also get put into a used wine barrel to fine tune the sour taste. They currently have 6 beers they produce,  SOURS: Atalanta, Sykophantes and Aristaeus. SAISONS: Lyric Ale and Calliope, and one great IPA: Peace, War, Truth, Lie. Their most potent beer tops out at 7.5%(Sykophantes).  So if you’r ever in the city and have a hankering for some sweet beer literally, don’t hesitate to stop by 1440 Dutch Valley Pl and tell them Kay Sent you.




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