Snuck up on me dawg…

21st-amendment-sneak-attack-saisonWith winter beer season ending soon, I figured I grab a new seasonal six pack from my friends over at Aficionados Of Augusta. I was honestly leaning towards something more reminiscent of home, so I was eyeing the “Lyric Ale” from Orpheus Brewing. My homie Christian quickly pointed me in the direction of the 21st Amendment Brewery’s own “Sneak Attack”.

It’s a Saison just like my beloved Lyric Ale, 21st is a west coast based brewery out of San Francisco known for its beers with quirky names,cool packing and most of all its great tastes. Sneak Attack stands up to its name with a powerful punch of a 6.2%abv. It will surely sneak up on you, it has more of a IPA taste to me than a sweet saison. it’s surely a great beer to have throughout your night on the town.

Enjoy Responsibly & don’t get snuck!


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