Playing The Right Way?

B Harper

The other day I was having a conversation with my stepfather about how baseball has become less appealing to a younger crowd. I was telling him just the conversation of baseball brings a confused look to my peers faces. Not confused like they don’t understand confused as in they don’t care. To them “it’s boring, it’s slow, they can’t watch it on T.V.” Honestly as a fan I too drift off during games sometimes, I only think this happens because the media has made players concerned with playing the game the “Right Way”. You always hear analyst refer to this statement . In my eyes the right way is the new “We want to control the game” way. Lots of analyst often get upset with players that play with visible emotion. Players that flip bats and talk smack, frankly this is what makes the game fun. I agree with Bryce Harper’s fashion statement during yesterdays interview. The media, hell the front offices needs to let the ballers be them and let them make the game fun again.

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