Is Wainwright alright?


I know it’s still early in the season, two weeks to be exact. True enough there’s till a lot of baseball to be played, I just have one question. Is Adam Wainwright okay?! Now I wouldn’t be this worried about him if i didn’t have him in one of my two fantasy line-ups. It’s just so hard to over look the obvious numbers. So with that being said, since fantasy sports are all about statistics and numbers lets take a look at those numbers. We’ll let them speak for themselves.

*All stats over his first two game starts


W-1 L-1

Runs Allowed-6

Hits Allowed-18

Strike out-12

Doubles Allowed- 7

Triples Allowed- 1

ERA- 3.46



W-1 L-1

Runs Allowed- 2

Hits Allowed- 8

Strike out-16

Doubles Allowed- 3

Triples Allowed- 0

Home Runs-0

ERA- 1.29


Only played 7 games due to injury. Not counting it.


W-0 L-2

Runs Allowed- 8

Hits Allowed- 12

Strike out-5

Doubles Allowed-4

Triples Allowed- 1

Home Runs- 1

ERA- 6.55

Wainwright had this to say.

Screenshot (1)

P.S. I’m refusing to make a personal comment because I still have faith in him, and I will not get caught with my foot in my mouth.




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