DAMN. Indeed

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It’s Clear to see Kendrick Lamar ain’t playing no DAMN. games!!

Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.” has been out a few days shy of a week now, is it clear to say that we are looking at a classic? It took listeners years to finally give Nas’s “Illmatic” a gold plaque two to be exact. Today it is still revered as a hip-hop classic. Why are we so quick to crown classics now-a-days, but that is a discussion for later time? We heard DAMN, most of us loved it. Some saw it as his best work to date, I know I certainly did. Today it was announced that it has a 99% score on Metacritic.com which means it was just about perfect to all critics. The album was groundbreaking it seemed to mesh “Good Kid, M.A.D.D. City” & “To Pimp a Butterfly” in one. The project starts off with boisterous tracks like ‘DNA’ & ‘Element’. Somewhere around the middle of the project you get reminded that Kendrick still makes radio bangers; with a chillaxed Rhianna assisted ‘Loyalty’ that is guaranteed to be played at every pool party you will go to this summer. At the end of the project Kendrick showcases his story telling ability with ‘Duckworth’. A sample heavy song detailing a life before his that very much shaped his rap career.  With most of Kendrick’s work conveying a Christian undertone “Damn.” does not miss the mark it seems to pick up where TPAB left off in its militant sociopolitical content. Tracks like ‘Lust’ speak on this past year’s presidential election and a U2 assisted ‘XXX’ speaks on black on black crime. Let’s not forget to mention the biggest hip-hop element of the album is Kendrick having DJ Kid Capri somewhat host the album. Then to top it off Kendrick headlines Cochella’s Sunday night and performs a handful of songs off the project just days after the album drops. Is DAMN. a classic I’m not sure? What I do know is, it is nothing short of great.

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