Happy Birthday Illmatic!

Nas One Love Single

“I rap for listeners, bluntheads, fly ladies, and prisoners Henessey-holders and old-school niggas”

Nas’s debut album Illmatic turns 23 today. Now i could give you the whole run down on how dope this album is. I could talk about how it should be in every hip-hop heads classic album list. Most of these things any real hip-hop head should know. Instead i’m going to give you my top 5 songs off of Illmatic  and my favorite lines from the song.

  • Life’s a B**** [Produced by L.E.S. & Nas]

Favorite line: “I woke up early on my born day; I’m 20, it’s a blessin’/The essence of adolescence leaves my body, now I’m fresh /And, my physical frame is celebrated/ ‘cause I made it One quarter through life, some godly-like thing created”


  • Memory Lane (Sittin’ In da Park) [Produced by DJ Premier]

Favorite line: “I rap for listeners, bluntheads, fly ladies, and prisoners Henessey-holders and old-school niggas/ Then I be dissing a unofficial that smoke Woolie Thai/ I dropped out of Cooley High Gassed up by a cokehead cutie pie”


  • One Love [Produced by Q-Tip]

Favorite line: “Plus, congratulations, you know you got a son/ I heard he looks like ya, why don’t your lady write ya?/  Told her she should visit, that’s when she got hyper Flippin’/ talkin’ about he acts too rough He didn’t listen, he be riffin’ while I’m tellin’ him stuff/ I was like, “Yeah,” shorty don’t care, she a snake too/ Fuckin’ with them niggas from that fake crew that hate you/ But yo, guess who got shot in the dome-piece? Jerome’s niece, on her way home from Jones Beach”

PS. The whole third verse is almost word for word the “Shorty” scene from the movie Belly. That Nas also stared in.


  • Represent [Produced by DJ Premier]

Favorite Line: “‘Cause life ain’t shit but stress, fake niggas, and crab stunts/ So I guzzle my Hennessy while pulling on mad blunts”


  • One Time 4 your Mind [Produced by Large Professor]

Favorite Line: I’m tryin’ to get this money, God You know the hard times, kid /Shit, cold be starving make you wanna do crimes kid/ But I’ma lamp, ‘cause a crime couldn’t beat a rhyme/ Niggas catching 3 to 9’s, Muslims yelling “Free the mind”

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