Tweets From Game 4 of the NBA Finals

I’m sure you’ve heard all about game 4 of the NBA Finals, but have you seen the tweets?

Friday’s NBA Finals game with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors was bizarre, to say the least. With Draymond Green getting ejected then un-ejected. Kevin Durant uncharacteristically losing his cool and jawing around with LeBron James and Kyrie “Uncle Drew” Irving going off to score 40 points which ultimately led the Cav to a win and saved them from a sweep. It’s safe to say this game was one of the best of the post-season thus far. In the first quarter, the Cavs made it to the line to attempt 22 free throws and scored a record breaking 49 points. The most vital half of the splash brothers Steph Curry only went for 14 points and shot 30.8% from the floor and 22.2% from behind the arch and that’s only the beginning. The Warriors still hold the keys to the sleigh so to say, with them going back to the Bay with a 3-1 lead in the series. Let’s just hope this isn’t a repeat of last year’s Finals. To Lighten the mood let’s take a look at a few live tweets from game 4.
P.S. Amber Rose had a very NSFW moment during the game that was a HUGE distraction.


The oh so lovely Bleacher Report.

Desus Nice the conspiracy theorist.

The Black Mamba agrees with a fan’s tweet.

Conspiracy theory Joe!

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