Where the hell is Jahlil Okafor?

Philadelphia 76ers Center Jahlil Okafor

Yea the Philadelphia 76ers drafted Markelle Fultz, that’s cool But where the hell is Jahlil Okafor?!

Now that the NBA draft is over and the Philadelphia 76ers have scored another top five prospect in Markelle Fultz. The question on everyone’s mind is, where the hell Jahlil Okafor? The long losing/rebuilding period deemed “the process” seems to be over or just starting for the 76ers, who knows? The question still at hand is, where the hell is Jahlil Okafor and how is he going to fit in this team?  With Philly having a top ten draft prospect for the last five years and retaining four of them it would seem the 76ers should run out of money soon. The only viable option seems to be trading the 6’11 center, Mr. Okafor. This past season Okafor has averaged 11.8 points a game, 4.8 rebounds, and 1.2 assist not bad but not great either. He’s also known to be a sub-par defender and can tend to get on the sluggish side. The question I pose to you is wouldn’t you be a bit sluggish if your team went 10-72 your rookie year? Would you have the most zeal about playing on a team that sucks? No, literally the 76ers sucked so bad that in 2015 Okafor got into an altercation with a fan outside a Boston bar because the fan simply stated, the 76ers suck. Maybe trading Okafor is a good idea? Maybe he needs a change of scenery? There are lots of teams in the league that could use a certified center one of which just won the championship.     

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