Frances Tiafoe Vs. The World

Frances Tiafoe at Wimbledon

Serena is out & Frances Tiafoe is in. Another reason you should support black tennis.

You don’t usually watch tennis? I get it, well let me give you a reason to watch. 19 year-year-old Frances Tiafoe will be taking the Wimbledon court against Alexander Zverev. The Maryland native has already been dubbed the newest rising star of the tennis world. Only going pro 2 years ago, he is the youngest player in tennis’ top 100 and is already catching the eye of other┬ábig name competitors in the sport. With him only being 19 that is a very big deal. If you happen to be up at 10:30 am EST tomorrow tune into ESPN to watch this young brotha┬ástorm the court.


Frances Tiafoe at wimbledon

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