Digging Through The Crates: Blue Chips 7000 edition

Action Bronson's Blue Chips 7000

A cohesive breakdown that shows the relationship between old school songs we pick and hip-hop songs that sample them and the producers that created them.

Today we dig through the liner notes of Action Bronson’s newest release Blue Chips 7000

With a slew of albums that came out this past Friday, the one that has been getting the most play from me is Action Bronson’s “Blue Chips 7000”. So out of the major love and respect I have for this album already, I decided to do a ‘Digging Through the Crates: Blue Chips 7000 edition’. BC 7000 is laced with plenty of sampled goodness throughout the album, with producers like Harry Fraud & Alchemist on this project, the samples are sure to come in heavy and sweet. Those weren’t the only two laying down some sweet sampling on BC 7000 long time collaborative producer with Bronson, Party Supplies can also chop up a mean sample. So, let’s get into those crates!


One of my favorite tracks on “Blue Chips 7000” is the Rick Ross assisted ‘9-24-7000’. It’s a continuation of a series of songs he did dated “9-24”. Bronson did two installments of these glorious tracks, which the previous two were produced by Party Supplies, so it was surprising to see him go in a totally different direction with this one and choose Harry Fraud–but boy am I glad he did. Fraud samples English pop/rock band China Crisis for a smooth song that will be a great cruiser down Collins Ave. The original song ‘Strength of Character’ has the same feel; it sounds like it came straight out of an opening scene of the 80’s crime show Miami Vice.



The second track is a Party Supplies production called “Let it Rain.” It’s a dolo track for Bronson, spitting his braggadocio fat boy flow all over it. On this one, Party is really true to his name, the production on here is extremely bouncy and vibrant. He samples an Afro-rock group named The Funkees; they’re from London by way of Nigeria. You can definitely hear the Nigerian influence on this one.

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