Throwback Video of the Week

Nas The World Is Yours Remix

“Don’t Nobody Listen to Nas anymore.” A story told by Lonzo Ball

If you’re engulfed in sports and/or music I’m sure by know you have heard about the fiasco with Lonzo Ball and his garbage hip-hop hot takes. We at In No Particular Order are not here to debate them nor are we going to talk about “why this generation is wayward and doesn’t appreciate real hip-hop”. What we will do is shine a light on all the glorious s**t that is dope. With that being said this week’s video throwback is by none other than Mr. Nasir Jones himself. I imagine it was on the B-side of his “The World Is Yours Single”. It’s “The World Is Yours Remix” although much wasn’t  changed but the beat and the hook, this is still heralded as one of my favorite remixes. As far as videos go the song plays as Nas cruises through the streets with a rather large Philly blunt tucked in his bandana, with the song blaring from his Lexus.  The story unfolds with scenes of robbery, drug deals, and dice games and ultimately ends in a police raid. Don’t fret the story doesn’t end there in any good story teller fashion Nas picks the concept back up and tell the rest of the story in the video for another Illmatic album single “One Love”.


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