Hello, I’m Kay Fanning; a hip-hop enthusiast, sports-watching, beer snob. I started In No Particular Order because  I wanted an outlet. I wanted a place where I could post my hip-hop theories on why an artist isn’t selling albums or why I think baseball is extremely exciting even though the powers that be want to continue to keep it stuffy. I also wanted a place to talk about all the beers I drank over the weekend and how great they were, thus I created INPO–a place where all that fits in. A place where after you hear something on ESPN you can come here and share what you REALLY think happened, or maybe you just need to find a cool beer to pick because you want to impress the guy or girl your dating. INPO is not your everyday fast food “over 11 million served” around the clock news feed blog. You get real, well thought out opinions that give you room to think, not tell you what to think.